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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Total Wellness Solutions. We are holistic and alternative Wellness Center, led by Dr. Melissa Arnold. We are thrilled to be of service to the Georgia area and surrounding communities. Our goal is to show you a natural, more healthy way to improve your health and lifestyle. We are convinced that after one visit you will see why our Center is the perfect choice for optimum health and healing.

During your initial consultation, we will consider your overall health history, assess your areas of concern, and perform a thorough examination. We look for the underlying causes of your health concerns and treat the whole person, not just one area. Once the assessment is complete, our clinicians will recommend an individualized treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Our warm and inviting environment is home to alternative therapies such as Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF), Spinal Decompression, and Laser treatment. We are proud to offer Gentle Chiropractic Services for the whole family, Therapeutic Massage, Functional Nutrition, as well as, Facilitated Energy Healing and Chiropractic Biophysics. We look forward to providing a location where community wellness leaders can offer their classes and mini-retreats. Please take a moment to browse our website and learn more about our incredible team of health professionals. If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us section to reach out to one of our
helpful staff members. We look forward to getting to know you on your wellness journey!

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Introducing our professional staff at Total Wellness Solutions who are here to help you achieve a lifetime of better health.

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