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Benefits Of Seeing A Chiropractor During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most pivotal times in many women’s lives. Along with the hope and excitement of pregnancy can come aches and pains from changing body shape and making space for a developing child. Providing adequate nutrients and making space for a growing baby can take a toll on the pregnant mother’s physical and emotional state.

One way to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy is to schedule a prenatal chiropractic appointment. Our specialized chiropractor at Total Wellness Solutions in Sandy Springs, GA works with prenatal patients to customize treatment and ensure a healthy, stress-free pregnancy.

Discover the benefits of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy and learn more about what you can expect when receiving chiropractic care at Total Wellness Solutions.

Benefits Of Seeing A Chiropractor During Pregnancy

Chiropractic Treatment During Pregnancy

Pregnancy includes many bodily changes necessary to help a baby grow and develop, however those changes can also lead to discomfort for the mother. Chiropractic care is especially beneficial for relieving discomfort caused by rapid body changes during pregnancy.

Many expecting mothers are wary of getting treatment during pregnancy, but chiropractic care does not harm the mother or baby in any way. In fact, chiropractic can offer a variety of health benefits along with pain relief and relaxation.

Prenatal chiropractic sessions are held in our clinic, where patient comfort and safety are our top priority. Chiropractic care is not all-or-nothing. Many pregnant patients seek prenatal chiropractic care in conjunction with regular medical checkups to monitor developmental progress and ensure the health of both mother and baby.

Chiropractic For Pregnancy Conditions

The body undergoes changes during pregnancy to make space for a baby to grow and develop; however, these changes can also cause pain, discomfort, and give rise to a host of other issues.

For example, about a fourth of pregnant women experience low back pain during pregnancy–which is one of the most frequent issues that patients seek chiropractic care to resolve.

In fact, back and pelvic pain is commonly related to changes in body posture for pregnant women, and can result in the development of ligament, joint, and myofascial dysfunctions.

Additionally, dangerous conditions can arise from the body needing to make space for the growing baby. One potentially dangerous condition, intrauterine constraint, occurs when the pelvis is misaligned and reduces room for the baby to grow and develop.

This condition can affect the mother’s ability to have a natural birth, and in most cases makes a caesarian delivery necessary. While roughly one in three births in the U.S. result in c-section delivery, this is higher than many other first world countries and can make recovery from giving birth more difficult.

One of the top benefits of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy is that it can provide peace of mind for both your helth and the health of your developing child-even if pregnancy complications arise.

Chiropractic adjustments and preventative care throughout pregnancy can help optimize the room a baby has available for development throughout pregnancy and establish pelvic balance to reduce possible delivery complications.

Safety of Chiropractic Care While Pregnant

The techniques used in chiropractic treatment are non-invasive, which makes pre-natal chiropractic care a safe option for expecting mothers looking to reduce stress and relieve pain without risk to their developing child.

Additionally, chiropractic care typically does not involve any medication, aside from occasional low-grade pain relievers, making the treatment safe for pregnant women, unlike many other restricted treatments and medications.

In order to ensure the safety of patients who are pregnant, chiropractors utilize special tables with extra space or padding and make adjustments so that there is no pressure placed on the abdomen. They treat pain, stress, and other symptoms unique to pregnancy in order to help body stay comfortable while providing space and nutrients for a growing baby.

The benefits of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy far outweigh and trepidation one might have about seeking advice or care.

Chiropractic is a safe and effective way for women to maintain their health throughout pregnancy and offers an alternative treatment for conditions such as breech positioning. Seeing a chiropractor allows pregnant patients some peace of mind about their health and the health of their child prior to and after delivery.

Chiropractor Training for Pregnant Patients

Chiropractor Training for Pregnant Patients

Chiropractors are trained to are for pregnant patients, both through gaining practical hand-on experience and through classroom instruction.

In addition to the required four years of education and state accreditation required for chiropractors in the U.S., many chiropractors undergo additional training and certifications to treat pregnant patients and the unique issues they experience.

In addition to chiropractic specialization in pregnancy treatment for patients seeking prenatal and post-natal care, there is also an International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) which is dedicated to training chiropractors to improve the health of children and pregnant women, so they can better serve families.

Another one of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy is that their training and experience can help you remain comfortable during your pregnancy and provide tips to alleviate pain or agitation. With so many years of training and experience, many chiropractors have seen it all when it comes to pregnancy.

Total Wellness Solutions has a highly skilled and compassionate chiropractor with experience providing prenatal chiropractic care, in addition to treating babies and children. Our team offers care for the entire family, whether it’s you and your child’s first visit or your hundredth visit.

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We help pregnant women find relief from back pain, perform safe adjustments, and evaluate and treat pelvic misalignment to ensure a smoother pregnancy and delivery. Chiropractic care can help alleviate many of the uncomfortable conditions that appear during pregnancy which may complicate giving birth. Ensure you stay healthy and comfortable!

If you or a loved one is pregnant and experiencing discomfort or pain in the spine, back, or joints, make an appointment for a chiropractic consultation today at Total Wellness Solutions in Sandy Springs, GA.

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