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Is Red Light Therapy Safe

Chronic pain is a very common problem that many people suffer through, so much so that they often make a habit of ignoring it. At Total Wellness Solutions, we often treat patients who have been suffering from the same problem for a sustained period of time, and only decided to seek care because the problem …

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Trifecta Light Bed Near Me

Pain is as natural to being alive as breathing, and is how our bodies have adapted to alert us that something is wrong or should be avoided. Suffering, however, should be confined to the great literary heroes. So, if you find yourself suffering from chronic pain you need to schedule a consultation with your chiropractor …

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Chiropractors Who Use Lasers

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear lasers? Do you think of crazy sci-fi movies with outer space action sequences and giant flying ships that eviscerate enemy targets on command? Or maybe you think of, arguably the most famous laser, the lightsaber and advanced battles with the best warriors in the …

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Chiropractic Care Center In Sandy Spring Ga 

                                        Chiropractic Care Center In Sandy Spring Ga  When life charges at you at imperceptible speeds, you may find yourself dazed, confused, and grasping at straws. One moment everything is fine, and the next you’re desperately …

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Laser Therapy with Chiropractic Treatment in Sandy Springs

Living with chronic pain, severe injury, or degenerative disease is debilitating for our patients, as well as their family and close friends. When a patient suffers from daily extreme pain or injury, it can cause them to be forced to give up work, hobbies, travel, and other activities they enjoy in hopes of staying home …

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