Golf Injury/Shoulder Blade

Golf Injury/Shoulder Blade

Life can get pretty boring or even a little depressing if all you ever do is go to work and come home. It is extremely important to find hobbies and activities that you enjoy and that stimulate your different interests. Participating in an activity you enjoy can bring a lot of joy to your day and even improve your state of mind by giving you something to look forward to. Many people do not look forward to Monday morning and the coming workweek, however, if you intersperse your week with enjoyable tasks then it may be able to balance out the Monday morning blues. Every person will have to define for themselves what kind of activities bring them joy. For example, you might enjoy visiting the batting cages, but your grandmother may prefer her knitting club. It doesn’t matter what you do, it only matters that it brings you joy. That being said, what happens when the hobby that brings you joy also brings you pain? Some people enjoy golf, and unfortunately, those same people might end up online searching treatments for, “golf injury/shoulder blade injury.” If you find yourself searching for shoulder blade treatments in Sandy Spring, Ga then look no further than Total Wellness Solutions. Schedule your consultation and let us help you improve your game.  

Golf Injury/Shoulder Blade 

Golfing can be a very therapeutic activity for many people, but can also be somewhat taxing on the body. A good game of golf can run about four or five hours, so that’s four or five hours of bending over a ball to line up a shot, four or five hours of twisting to get a good swing, and four or five hours of constant pressure on the knees and hips. The best way to prevent golf injuries is by keeping your back limber and your core strong, if not, you are likely to expose yourself to shoulder pain, back injuries, rotator cuff injury, golfer’s elbow, golf wrist, knee pain or injury, foot and ankle injuries, or even a hip injury. It is important to keep your body fit enough to play, and chiropractic care is the best option available. 

Ways to Relieve Pain From a Golf Injury 

Depending on how bad the injury is, you might be okay with a little rest especially if the muscles are just a bit sore. If the pain stays constant it might help to treat the area with alternating hot and cold packets. It might also help to work with a massage therapist to stimulate blood flow to the area and reduce inflammation. While all these methods can help you see some improvement, the best course of action is to work with a chiropractor who is able to take a more comprehensive approach. When you work with the Total Wellness Solutions chiropractic team, you will also have access to a massage therapist who will be better able to pinpoint their technique to complement the adjustments. The best way to treat an injury is to target every area affected, and your chiropractor can help you do that.  

Chiropractic Care for the Shoulder Blade 

If you are experiencing chronic shoulder blade pain, the best thing you can do is to work with a professional who is committed to first identifying the source of the condition and then setting up treatments that will specifically target the source of the discomfort. Too often when people schedule appointments with their regular physician, they are prescribed medication. The drawback is that the medication is for the pain, not the problem. So they take the medication and are pain-free for as long as their prescription is valid. However, when you work with a chiropractor, they will not numb your ability to feel the problem, instead, they will pinpoint the area of discomfort and customize a treatment plan to heal the underlying cause. Once the injury is healed at the source, the pain symptoms do not return. This is a more permanent, long-lasting route that can prevent years of reliance on prescription medication.  

Working with Total Wellness Solutions  

When you work with the chiropractic team at Total Wellness Solutions, we will take all your concerns into consideration, so we can draft a plan to help you see the best results. During your initial consultation, we will complete tests and examinations to help us pinpoint the exact area of discomfort. Your treatment plan may consist of a chiropractic adjustment, which is designed to realign the bones and vertebrae of the spine and ensure they are not compressing the nerves that pass through them. In addition to spinal adjustments, the doctor might also recommend massage therapy, which can ease painful symptoms, relax tight muscles, and reduce inflammation and stiffness. The chiropractor might adjust the shoulders and then have the massage therapist work on the area to reduce discomfort in the muscles. At Total Wellness Solutions, we offer various types of treatments to help our patients heal, and our chiropractic team will work diligently to find the best combination of treatments for your specific golf injury/shoulder blade pain.

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Adding enjoyable activities to your week can do an amazing job at balancing stress at work, and can provide something to look forward to at 1 pm in the afternoon. Do not let fear or injury stop you from trying new things or from fully experiencing the activities you already enjoy. If you play golf and have suffered a golf injury/shoulder blade injury, schedule a consultation with Total Wellness Solutions and let us help you strengthen your shoulders. You might be surprised at how much your mental health will improve if you add fun into your normal weekly schedule as opposed to a once in a while treat. Life is about balance and the best way to balance work and stress is with fun activities and hobbies. If you have any questions please give us a call at (770) 936-9707 or make an appointment online. We are located at 5252 Roswell Rd NE Suite 103, Atlanta, GA 30342. 

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