Health Benefits of Red-Light Therapy

Health Benefits of Red-Light Therapy

Health Benefits of Red-Light Therapy


Red light therapy (RLT) is a therapeutic health treatment that helps skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of the body heal through exposure to low levels of red or near-infrared light.  

Although we can’t view infrared light with our eyes, we can feel it as heat. Red light is similar to infrared light, but unlike infrared, t can be seen by the human eye, and it has a variety of health benefits, especially when it comes to healing skin injuries and combating the effects of aging. 

You may have already heard of red-light therapy, or one of the many other names for the treatment, such as photobiomodulation (PBM), low-level laser therapy (LLLT), or low-power laser therapy (LPLT). All these terms refer to the same exposure to red low-level wavelengths of light to treat skin and health issues like scars, wrinkles, skin discoloration, persistent wounds, and other conditions. 

While red light therapy has only just begun to be used to its full effect, the treatment has been around for decades. Beginning in the 1990s, red light was used by scientists to grow plants in space. The intense red light emitting diodes (LEDs) helped promote growth and enabled plant cell photosynthesis. 

Since then, red light has been studied for its medical applications—specifically its ability to increase energy within human cells. Many researchers postulate that red light therapy could treat muscle atrophy, speed would healing, and repair issues with bone density caused by space travel. 

Discover the health benefits of red-light therapy and how even just a few sessions can help improve your health and reduce pain, increase injury healing, and promote healthy skin. 

Girl lying on a red light therapy bed 

How Red-Light Therapy Works 

Red light therapy involves exposing the skin to a red-light source, such as a laser, light, or lamp. Modern red-light therapy uses red-light beds or red-light devices with light bulbs built in to direct and modulate exposure. 

The mitochondria of human cells soak up the red-light and make more energy, helping cells to better repair themselves and speed healing of skin and muscles tissues. 

Since red-light therapy uses very low levels of heat, it does not heat or burn the skin. This type of light is very different from the harmful light used in tanning booths or the damaging UV rays from the Sun. Red light therapy is safe enough to use this treatment daily and even on children.  

In fact, it has been used for treating skin issues in children and adults, as a method for combatting seasonal affective disorder, treating jaundice in babies, and has even been used in conjunction with other medical treatments on cancer patients. 

The more that scientists and health professionals have learned about the health benefits of red-light therapy, the more uses they have found for it and the more widespread use had become to the public. 

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Other Names For Red Light Therapy 

There are many different types of red-light therapy and several different methods for effectively delivering the treatment to patients. Red-light therapy is the most popular name for this treatment due to its popularity in wellness centers and medical offices for treating common conditions.  

Red-light therapy refers to the direct exposure of light through a lamp or light bed, while other light-treatments deliver treatment through other means—such as hand-held laser devices, foldable light panels, and wearable or wrap able sleeves or belts. 

You may have heard of red-light therapy (RLT) by one of its many other names, including: 

  • Photobiomodulation (PBM) 
  • Low level light therapy (LLLT) 
  • Soft laser therapy 
  • Cold laser therapy 
  • Biostimulation 
  • Photonic stimulation 
  • Low-power laser therapy (LPLT) 

While they might seem like vastly different terms, all these names simply refer to the method of use for red light therapy and the intensity and delivery of treatment. The health benefits of red-light therapy are almost endless, but the degree of treatment and devices used impact how effective the therapy truly is for patients. 


Girl lying on a red light therapy bed 

Uses For Red Light Therapy 

There are several uses and health benefits of red-light therapy. Photodynamic therapy is one such medical use in which red-light therapy functions as an activating agent for photosensitizing medications. 

When used in a medical office setting, red-light therapy can treat more serious illnesses and health conditions—especially in conjunction with traditional treatments. Some of the health conditions that use red-light therapy include closing and healing slow-healing wounds, treating skin irritation from psoriasis, and reducing the side-effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. 

In modern health practices, alternative wellness centers, and even some spas, red-light therapy is often used to treat skin conditions and promote healthier, younger skin. It can also be used to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the dark and cold winter months, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of scars on the skin. 

Since red-light therapy is safe for patients of all ages, it has become progressively more popular with families, parents, children, seniors, and even celebrities. Millions of people all over the world have benefitted from the health benefits of red-light therapy. 

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Benefits of Red-Light Therapy For Skin 

One of the most popular uses of red-light therapy is to treat skin conditions, from increasing the healing speed and outcomes of injuries to decreasing the effects of aging and skin damage. 

Many people have reported that red-light beds have helped reduce cosmetic skin issues as well as skin issues that pose problems to their health. 

Some of the most common health benefits of red-light therapy include: 

  • Improve wound healing 
  • Reduce stretch marks 
  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots 
  • Improve facial texture 
  • Improve psoriasis, rosacea and eczema 
  • Improve scars 
  • Improve sun-damaged skin 
  • Improve hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia 
  • Improve acne and acne scars 

While there is a plethora of reasons that someone might consider trying red-light therapy, healthier skin is chief among them. 

Red-light therapy is not a one-time treatment for most injury healing or skin conditions. Most patients will need to receive ongoing treatment one to three times per week for several weeks or even months to receive the full health benefits of red-light therapy. Ther frequency and duration of treatment will depend on your condition, age, health, and a variety of other factors. 


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Red-Light Therapy Products & Use 

With the rising popularity of red-light therapy, it’s easy to find many different kinds of red-light therapy products and devices online—some of which are better than others. While these products are generally safe to use, they vary drastically in effectiveness. 

More powerful red-light therapy devices are reserved for use in health and wellness environments by trained professionals. As a result, purchasing home-use red-light therapy products may not yield the results you are looking for when attempting to treat a condition or promote natural healing. 

It’s always best to check with a health professional for the best option to treat a skin condition or to heal injuries using red-light therapy. At Total Wellness Solutions, our team of health and wellness experts can guide you on the best way to treat your condition and offer suggestions for the number and duration of treatments. 

At Total wellness Solutions, we suggest using a red-light therapy bed for best results for most skin, weight loss, and injury healing treatment. Thousands of hours have been spent researching, testing, and perfecting red-light therapy treatment in light-beds for results that are unmatched by any other red light therapy device on the market—especially when compared to small handheld or home use devices. 

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Try Red-Light Therapy At Total Wellness Solutions 

At Total Wellness Solutions, we use the Trifecta Light Pro 300 red-light bed to treat our patients safely and efficiently. The Trifecta Light Pro 300 provides red-light therapy for the treatment and management of fat reduction, skin rejuvenation, and whole-body healing in general. 

With the Trifecta Light Therapy Program, patients will experience a relaxing, non-invasive treatment where they easily and safely lose unwanted inches, heal their painful ailments, and reap the rejuvenating skin benefits they have been searching for, all without the need for costly and painful surgery. 

The Trifecta Light Therapy Bed only requires 10–12-minute sessions allowing you to experience its treatment quickly and effectively. With two times more power than most red-light systems on the market, our device produces rapid fat loss and pain reduction in minimal time.  

Book an appointment for red-light therapy at Total Wellness Solutions to achieve incredible weight loss, anti-aging, and healing results safely and easily.  

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