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  •  How Do Pregnant Women Relieve Back Pain Naturally ?
 How Do Pregnant Women Relieve Back Pain Naturally ?

 How Do Pregnant Women Relieve Back Pain Naturally ?

For many women, pregnancy is a time of extreme joy, excitement, and anticipation all mixed together with a full helping of nerves. Many first time parents go to extreme lengths in preparation for the new addition to their family. They may buy anything from standard cribs and car seats to luxury baby booties and embroidered diaper bags. While new parents make room in their homes for the new baby, the new mother must make room in her body to accommodate another living person. This means her body will go through many changes, and unfortunately, for many women back pain becomes a part of that change. Even though they may be experiencing back pain, many women do not consider prenatal chiropractic care as a way to relieve it. Total Wellness Solutions, Sandy Springs specializes in ways pregnant women relieve back pain naturally. 

What Causes Pain During Pregnancy?

A growing uterus is to blame for the back pain women experience during pregnancy. As pregnancy progresses and the uterus continues to grow, the women’s center of gravity shifts. This causes the abdominal muscles to stretch and weaken and the posture to shift and change. The abdominal muscles support the spine and when they are weakened, it can increase your chance of lower back injury. This drastic change in the body puts a terrible strain on the lower back, resulting in the most common symptom of pregnancy. Lower back pain. The additional weight of the fetus also means additional work for the muscles and joints, so as the months pass and load increases so will the pain if it remains untreated. 

How Can I Relieve Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy? 


As consult with your doctor before making changes to your pregnancy routine, but some simple day-to-day changes you can make to ease back pain during pregnancy are: 

  •     Wear supportive shoes
  •     Proper posture with sitting, lifting, and sleeping 
  •     A maternity belt 

During the various stages of your pregnancy, you can invest in clothes that help your body support the added weight of the fetus. Always talk to your doctor to get a better understanding of what would be right for you, your body, and your unborn child.

Massage therapy may also be a good natural option to help Pregnant Women Relieve Back pain naturally. Massaging the muscles that are clenching or irritating nerves can provide tremendous relief to expecting mothers. When paired with chiropractic visits and adjustments this combination can have a positive impact on lower back pain. It is important to talk to your doctor first to determine if massage therapy is a good option for you.  

The best way to deal with back pain from pregnancy is to seek prenatal chiropractic care. In addition to back pain, prenatal chiropractic care can help deal with other painful symptoms that might accompany you during pregnancy like:

  •     Headache 
  •     Neck Pain
  •     General discomfort 

Total Wellness Solutions, Sandy Springs can help pregnant women relieve back pain naturally by correcting the misalignment that naturally occurs during pregnancy. When the uterus causes your center of gravity to shift, the qualified and trained chiropractors at Total Wellness Solutions can help you with necessary adjustments to relieve pain and ease back problems. 

How Total Wellness Solution Can help you relieve back pain naturally 

 At Total Wellness Solutions, our qualified chiropractors use natural drug-free treatments to help expecting mothers manage the pain associated with pregnancy. Our procedures are non-invasive and safe for both mother and baby. We have special tables to protect you and your baby during the adjustment. When you visit, you will talk with a qualified chiropractor, and together you will go over the action plan to keep you free from lower back pain during your pregnancy. Lower back pain is common during pregnancy, but it does not have to be chronic. 

An added benefit of adding chiropractic care to your other prenatal appointments is that women who receive regular chiropractic treatments, typically experience shorter birthing time and a reduced chance of a Caesarean Section. So in addition to reducing pain during pregnancy, prenatal chiropractic care can also help reduce risk during birth.  

Contact Total Wellness Solutions in Sandy Springs

Pregnancy is already a stressful time filled with a million things to do. However, more time should be spent preparing for the arrival of your new bundle of joy than on worrying about lower back pain. So, if you are expecting a new baby and refuse to accept back pain as a normal part of your pregnancy then consider chiropractic care at Total Wellness Solutions. You will understand how we help pregnant women relieve back pain naturally, and stay focused on other aspects of their pregnancy. If you have any questions about lower back pain during pregnancy or prenatal chiropractic care please give us a call at 1+(770) 936- 9707 or you can also book an appointment online for a more convenient option. 



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