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Neck Pain From Sleeping 

If you experience chronic neck pain from sleeping, then the best thing to do is to schedule a consultation with the Total Wellness Solutions chiropractic team. We are a team of expert professionals that can help you relieve discomfort. The body is extremely interconnected and many reasons or habits could be contributing to the pain you feel, so let our team help you live a life free from constant pain. 

Sleeping Position that Causes Neck Pain 

If you sleep on your stomach, you might experience chronic neck pain. This is because sleeping on your stomach places the upper cervical spine in a position that puts you at a greater risk of straining your neck while putting excessive pressure on the lower abdomen. Sleeping on your stomach also requires your head to be turned in one direction or the other for a long period, and this can cause a lot of pain. It also extends your neck backward and compresses the spine. You never want to leave the spine unsupported, so it is important to sleep in a position that keeps the spine neutral. 

How to Avoid Neck Pain From Sleeping 

The best way to ease neck pain is by working with a qualified chiropractor who can help you better understand your body and how to properly care for it. However, if you are looking for possible solutions that may ease discomfort, then here are some ways to ease neck pain: 

  • Keeping Your Spine in a Neutral Position
    • Sleeping on your back is the best position for maintaining a neutral spine. 
    • When you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knee and neck to keep the natural shape of your spine. 
  • Alternate between sides, if you are a side sleeper
    • Try not to favor one side, instead switch between the left and right to keep some balance. 
    • Place a pillow between your knees to keep the pelvis, hips, and spine aligned. 
  • Use a pillow 
    • This will help you balance out the pressure on your body while you sleep, this way the pressure is not pinpointed to any specific area.  
  • Know your body type, and the type of support it needs
    • Understand where you need the most support while you sleep. 
    • Understand how you sleep a night, so you can take steps to improve its quality. 
      • If you have wider hips, then you might need a softer mattress. 
      • If your hips are narrow then you might need a firmer mattress. 

At-Home Tip For Treating Neck Pain 

Before doing anything at home to ease neck pain, you should first speak with your doctor about the type of pain you are experiencing and see if these simple treatments will benefit you. Some simple tips to treat neck pain are: 

  • Apply ice or heat, and sometimes alternating between both can help ease neck pain
  • Light gentle stretches can help manage pain and relieve stiffness. Try slowly rolling your shoulders and turning your head from side to side. 
  • Try investing in a special neck pillow, or improving the way you sleep. 

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain 

If you experience neck pain from sleeping and are curious about the benefits of chiropractic care then Total Wellness Solutions is the perfect solution for you. If you schedule a consultation, the chiropractor may recommend a neck adjustment to realign the spine and ease the pain. A neck adjustment is very beneficial to your spinal health and can be used for both healing and preventative care. The purpose of the neck adjustment is to realign the cervical spine to allow for better communication between neural pathways. The adjustments allow better communication from the brain to other areas of the body, which can improve the body’s ability to heal itself. Aligning the cervical spine can also be used as a treatment for various conditions. For example, tension headaches can be caused by spinal misalignment, and that misalignment can cause the muscles in the neck and shoulder to shift in an attempt to provide additional stability. Those muscles are often shortened or lengthened in unnatural positions for long periods, causing painful trigger points. In many cases, those tight muscles pull at the base of the skull causing painful tension headaches. When you seek chiropractic care, we can diagnose the source of the problem and then set up a care plan that will help you see the most improvement. 


Chiropractic Care with Total Wellness Solutions 

If you have chronic neck pain, seeing a chiropractor is the best way to move forward. At Total Wellness Solutions, our chiropractors are trained at providing natural neck pain treatments and will utilize proven techniques to help you enjoy a pain-free life. On your first visit, they will consult with you and discuss your symptoms in detail. There will be a full examination as they attempt to pinpoint the exact origin of your pain as well as the cause. Once they have determined the possible cause, they will explain a plan for getting you pain-free. 

A misalignment in the neck can cause a great deal of pain, so when you work with the Total Wellness Solutions chiropractic team, we will make sure everything is in its proper position to greatly reduce your discomfort. Our chiropractic team is trained at locating subluxation, which is misalignments in the spine that are responsible for causing chronic pain, and working hard to relieve them. In addition to neck adjustments, soft tissue manipulation from a licensed massage therapist can ease the muscles in the affected area and significantly reduce pain symptoms. The massage therapist will apply pressure to the exact muscles of the affected area to reduce pain and pressure points, and provide the most support to the chiropractic adjustments. 

Contact Us 

Neck pain from sleeping can be extremely frustrating, so schedule your consultation with Total Wellness Solutions today and let us work with you to relieve any constant discomfort. If you have any questions please give us a call at (770) 936-9707 or make an appointment online. We are located at 5252 Roswell Rd NE Suite 103, Atlanta, GA 30342. 

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