Kelly Avera


Kelly Avera

Remove interference and the body can flourish. Kelly has 22 years of experience as clinical, health consultant supporting clients managing weight concerns, fatigue, pain, brain fog, sleep, GI complaints & other chronic issues.
In 1998, Kelly founded Wellness Resources, now Sloanwell Inc., to advocate for individuals dedicated to advancing their health. She works as an adjunct, with physicians, to educate clients on complementary tools & functional testing that supports people in removing barriers to their health. Her areas of interest include auto immunity, fatigue, dental cavitations, digestive disorders, and the impact of mental stress and environmental toxins on the individual.

She has also been involved in the medical and operational development of several functional medicine clinics in the greater Atlanta area. She presently consults with medical providers and their patients about various advancements in the field of managing chronic health conditions.

Kelly attended both the University of Georgia and Clayton College of Natural Health and studied Holistic Nutrition. She worked in the field of weight management, functional medicine education, and lifestyle coaching for over 22 years. She is trained as a Functional Medicine Consultant, Biological Engineer, and Wellness Coach. Contact her today for a free 15 minute consultation .

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