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Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that may help anyone that has pain in the neck or low back areas. It is recommended treatment that is proven effective in relieving bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, facet syndrome, spondylosis arm & leg pain and even failed back surgery. Using a special computerized table that is programmed specifically per individual, non-surgical spinal decompression creates more space between vertebrae and a negative pressure in the disc space, allowing the disc material to get reabsorbed which in turn takes the pressure off the nerve roots so you can heal. Very soon you will FEEL and FUNCTION great again!

With proper Chiropractic Care and Spinal Decompression, the discs have their best chance of re-hydrating and receiving nutrients to fully heal, alleviating the pain to bring life back to normal. Spinal decompression treatment by itself takes 15-20 minutes. In addition our practice uses RESULTS oriented therapies each visit to speed up healing at the deepest layer of the cell, for true cellular healing.

Video Testimonials


Low Back Discs/Decompression 50% Better 1st visit:


Wow! Amazing Pain Relief Results using the Zone Technique for HEALING herniations and disc bulges:


Consulted a surgeon for his insane low back pain and feeling great head to toe in 3 visits. WOW!


No more pain medication with Decompression and The Zone Technique, after seeing MD’s and several other chiropractors!


Low Back Discs Issues and Chronic Pain Healing:


Clyde Forsland

I’ve had major issues with my back for years, and have gone to several other chiropractors over the years. From other places, I’ve gotten temporary pain relief, but not a long term solution. The first time i came in my back was hurting so much i could hardly walk, and it had been like that off and on for nearly two months. I had just been to another chiropractor 4 times in the previous week, with almost no benefit. After the first treatment, I was back to walking upright. After just a few treatments, I no longer had jolts of pain in my lower back every time i sat up or rolledover in bed. The high tech tension machines are letting my compressed disks heal and get the curve back into my lower back that has been missing for many years.
Very impressed, I am. (Yoda)


After another flare up and intense pain caused by three herniated discs, I was desperate for immediate relief and long-term healing. There was pain going down my left leg and numbness in my feet. I found this place on Google and decided to give them a try. From the get-go, Dr. Arnold set realistic expectations of how the treatment plan would work and how soon I can see improvements. Let me tell you, after only 11 laser sessions and adjustments, not only was the pain non-existent, but also my left foot was no longer numb! I love the friendliness of everyone here and the vision they are cultivating.

Pierre Joseph

I had been experiencing chronic lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain radiating down my right leg for about three years. My wife found Total Wellness Solutions on the internet and after reading some reviews she suggested, I give them a shot. After all I had nothing to lose, because I had tried steroid Injections, Platelet-Rich Plasma injection, and even almost scheduled a surgical procedure and nothing worked for my lower back pain or sciatica. From the initial consultation back in October 2023 Dr. Arnold was very confident that, she could help me. She came up with her game plan for my treatments and after the fifth visit I can honestly say I started feeling a lot better. Now fast forward three months into the game plan I feel great and with very very little pain, if any at all at times. Total Wellness Solutions made a big difference in not only my life and lifestyle, but also my family’s as well. I am very grateful for my wife finding this office and even more grateful to have had Dr. Arnold to spearhead the game plan to getting me back to better health along with her incredible supporting cast of Dr. Anthony, MC, Andrea, and Toni. My experience has been amazing from appointment settings to actual treatments. I would highly recommend Total Wellness Solutions for your treatments. The entire staff is friendly and wonderful people to work with and they will take care of you. Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed, you just need to follow Dr. Arnold’s game plan for your treatments and TRUST THE PROCESS!
Thank you Total Wellness Solutions for taking care of me!!!
Love you Guys!

Julie Hill

After exhausting countless treatments like acupuncture, dry needling, physical therapy, epidurals, massage and prescription drugs i had surgery scheduled for spinal fusion. At the end of my rope i decided to give chiropractic care a shot while waiting for my surgery. I am incredibly grateful i did. With the combination of adjustments, decompression, laser therapy i am thrilled to report i was able to cancel my surgical procedure. My experience with Total Wellness Solutions has been nothing short of miraculous. They’ve managed to provide relief and improvements that i thought were impossible. The ENTIRE staff is positive, friendly and they genuinely care. If you have tried everything don’t hesitate to see Dr. Melissa Arnold and Dr. Anthony – they might just change your life.

Mark Hedges

I’ve been dealing with sciatica back pain for almost a year, but in a little over a month and a half I am back to normal. Everyone is awesome, warm and knowledgeable, especially Doctors Lori and Melissa.

Suzanne Graham

Dr Melissa and the Total Wellness team are an outstanding group of experienced, caring, solutions oriented professionals. Presenting with sciatica, after several weeks of adjustments and healing therapies, I am pain free. The doctor’s “total wellness” philosophy also corrected the “brain fog” i was experiencing and reduced my anxiety levels. So grateful for the Total Wellness team!

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