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Starting a Weight Loss Diet? Join Forces with Your Chiropractor!

When it comes to weight loss, many people first instinct is to turn to diet. Indeed, an entire industry has formed around servicing and, in unfortunate cases, taking advantage of those seeking to reduce their body weight and create a healthier lifestyle. Almost every day, a new weight loss diet or supplement hits the market. Some of these solutions are proven, safe and effective. Others are based on dubious claims, not recommended by food safety regulators or do not produce the promised results.

Choose a Proven Path to Weight Loss

Weight loss is a complicated process involving many lifestyle changes; any “silver bullet” products promising immediate results should be avoided. In a world of conflicting claims, start with a solution backed by medical science to lead to better overall health, including lower weight as a natural result.

When people consider visiting a chiropractor, many benefits appear at the top of the list:

  • Pain relief
  • Better joint alignment
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved circulation
  • Better overall health

Weight loss doesn’t seem to fit into this list at first glance, but the positives of chiropractic treatment flow naturally into a healthier weight.


How is Spine Health and Weight Loss Related?

Spine Health and Weight Loss

The spine is the information highway of the body, connecting the central nervous system to the brain. If the highway is thrown out of alignment, the brain can no longer properly send signals. This situation means you can no longer manage all of your body’s processes, including hunger control and eating cues.

A misaligned spine or joint also causes chronic pain, which makes regular physical activity more difficult and may lead to stress-eating habits to temporarily find comfort. The net sum of this effect is chronic pain that prevents your body from properly managing your metabolism and prevents you from exercising. As these effects continue, your weight increases, creating additional pressure on the spine and more pain. Without intervention, this trend can continue and place your health at greater risk.

Chiropractic Can Break the Cycle

Chiropractic Can Break the Cycle

On the other hand, chiropractic adjustment can reverse this trend. When the spine comes back into alignment, pain relief follows quickly. Exercise and daily motions become easier as you are freed from pain. Your nerves are also better able to communicate, allowing your body to better manage metabolism and hunger. Both these benefits can create better overall health, opening the door to natural weight loss as your body comes back into harmony.

Of course, pain relief may not be enough to produce results by itself. Think of chiropractic as creating the optimal environment to reach your weight loss goals. It will still take lifestyle changes and effort to reach them, but with chiropractic adjustments, you can reach your goals sooner and easier.

Bring Diet into the Picture

One of the most powerful lifestyle changes you can make as you start your journey is starting a weight loss diet. There’s a lot of literature around the positives and negatives of each plan – way more than the scope of this blog post – but your chiropractor has been trained in overall health and wellness and can help you select the optimum diet to reach your goals.

Combining diet with exercise can speed your journey and promote better overall health. At Total Wellness, our certified doctors and staff use our years of experience helping our patients achieve healthier weight to evaluate your unique case. We will treat any spine and joint misalignments as we formulate a customized plan to adjust your lifestyle through diet and exercise. When you reach the end of the program, our goal is to not only improve joint health, but to create better health overall.

Let Us Start Your Journey to Weight Loss

Changing lifestyle can be daunting – let us ease your transition! Our staff will sort claims from fact for you, all while improving the health of your spine and joints to make your weight loss diet and exercise plan even more effective. Our recommendations, backed by years of education and certifications, will ensure your peace of mind as you start the journey to a healthier weight.

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