Jessica M

Dr. Melissa Arnold has been absolutely amazing in getting my body in alignment after the harsh wear and tear it endures on a daily basis. As a professional stuntwoman in the film industry, I put my body through all kinds of crazy scenarios and I am left limping away from the job or from training, quite frequently. Dr. Arnold has gone above and beyond to help me recover after a hard day of training or work. She genuinely cares about her patients and is extremely thorough. After going to see her for only a few months, she was able to take away tingling in my arm, neck pain, headaches, sciatic nerve pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, etc….the list goes on!! My body was a mess before going to see Dr. Arnold, and now I really do feel like a new woman! By keeping up with getting adjusted on a regular basis, I have been able to perform my job better than I ever had before. She and Andrea also introduced me to POWER STRIPS, which have given me so much relief when I need a little extra healing after a hard day. I put them on my sore joints and the heat that they produce lasts a few days! I’ve put them on my knees, shoulders, neck, and low back. It feels so wonderful! I will continue to go see Dr. Arnold for as long as possible. I’ve told many of my stunt colleagues about her and about her collaboration with the other doctors at progressive and many of them have become patients themselves. Dr. Rick’s acupuncture has helped me with injuries I had on my foot, and essentially blocked the pain that I was having with only a couple of sessions. The Prolozone Therapy has been a lifesaver as well. My knees haven’t felt this good and strong since I was a teenager! High five to all things progressive, and thanks for continuing to heal me! I can’t forget to mention Laura and the hard work she does back on the PEMF machine, which has also quickened my healing process after injuries. Thank you ALL!

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