Karen B

After a rear end collision car accident over 4 years ago that totaled my car, injured my son and left me with debilitating left pain. Then being treated with prescription medication (Percocet) physical therapy for 6 months with no pain alleviation. I finally agreed to get a cortisone pain hip treatment from my orthopedic doctor at Resurgence Medical center which worked for several years. I am an avid recreational runner-running a minimum of 3 miles daily 4 days a week and participating in at least 3-4 1/2 marathons & 3-4 10k a year as well as teaching indoor cycling at Kennesaw State University, La fitness and Golds gym. However in 2013 the pain returned with a vengeance where I couldn’t sit for longer than 10 minutes on the left hip, lay on my back without elevating the left leg @ a 90 degree angle. I also had to give up teaching spin because it aggravated the symptoms. Moreover while running I noticed that it started to affect my performance during running where the pain was no longer just in the hip but radiated down the left leg , around to the front of the left groin area and across the lower back. As a result after my morning runs I couldn’t stand erect or sit for any period of time. I went back to my orthopedic & primary care doctors and their solution was to take pain medication and/or try the cortisone pain hip treatment again (which is never guaranteed to work & also has side effects). I knew this wouldn’t work for me but I kept training for my 2nd to last race of the year the Silver Comet 1/2 marathon in October 2013. As I increased my mileage, the pain also increased. The pain got to where there were days where I worked from home on my back with my left leg elevated at a 90 degree angle. One morning driving to work I heard about Progressive Medical center integrated way of pain management on 104.7 the Fish and I decided to call. On my first visit I couldn’t even sit to talk to the medical director I was in so much pain and they immediately got me over to Dr Melissa Arnold. Consequently where after telling her my story that I have never been to a chiropractor but that I needed help and had 3 conditions for me to agree-1). pain reduction, 2). no prescription medication and 3). being able to run again. and the rest as they would say is history. I went from a pain level of 11 on 1-10 scale to currently a 2 (1000% ROI) even after falling down the stairs at my home the 3rd week into treatment. Dr Arnold and Andrea are GOD Sends on my quest to be pain free & run again.

Thanks Dr Arnold for all you do

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