Biomat Testimony:

When I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, one of my leading issues was staying asleep at night.  Night after night, I was waking up every two hours only to drift off to sleep and wake up again.  Because my sleep was deprived, I found it very challenging to function the next day. I was always drained.  I was irritable.  I could not think clearly and I had no quality of life.  I talked to Dr. Agolli about my sleep issues and he suggested that I try out the Biomat.   At first, I didn’t quite comprehend how a Biomat would change my situation. However, I was willing to do anything to obtain rest. Once per week, I started using the Biomat in Dr. Arnold’s chiropractic area inside of Progressive Medical Center.  Dr. Arnold not only explained how the Biomat can help to heal the body,  she also shared how the Biomat helped transform her own life long sleep disorder.   Because I had grown so accustomed to waking up at night, I still went to bed with the anticipation to have interrupted sleep.  I will never forget the night I fell asleep, woke up, looked at my clock and realized that I had slept approximately 6 hours straight without waking up.  This was a miracle!!!!  As time traveled by, I was beginning to sleep longer and longer. Not only am I sleeping, I also feel GREAT when waking up in the mornings.  I have more vitality and my mood is optimistic.  The Biomat literally changed my life.  I am totally persuaded that had it not been for the Biomat, I would not be experiencing the pleasures of life today.  My family also noticed the improvements and they made it possible for me to become a proud owner of my very own Biomat.  I have made the Biomat apart of my daily routine and I am still reaping the benefits.

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