Michele P

The Story of Baby Olivia:

I found out about Dr. Arnold in November 2015 while I was in the hallway of a medical facility and overheard her talking about adjusting pregnant women and babies.  I was particularly interested because at the time I was 6 months pregnant.  Unfortunately, my pregnancy was cut short soon thereafter due to preeclampsia, so I was never able to see her for an adjustment during it.  However, I tracked her down and called her as soon as my baby came home after 7 weeks in the NICU.  By this time, my baby was still less than 5 lbs. and had become unable to have a bowel movement on her own.  Dr. Arnold worked so lightly and delicately on my tiny baby (with mostly her fingertips) to help align her spine and try to unblock her sigmoid colon.  She also recommended an infant probiotic.  With the combination of weekly chiropractic adjustments, daily probiotics, and immune boosting gut enhancement powder, my baby began pooping unassisted after only a few weeks and now goes regularly.  In addition, I can see changes in the appearance of her skin and eyes, as she is brighter and healthier looking than before treatment.  As of September 2016, she is now a happy, chunky, 9-month-old who has never had a single ear infection or illness.  Her pediatric doctor is constantly amazed at her progress and how she is thriving, as am I!

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