Shellie D.

“Dr. Melissa Arnold is an incredible chiropractor. I suffered from neck pain that was getting worse and worse as the years went by. I had been seeing the same chiropractor for 8 years with no relief and very aggressive adjustments. I finally went searching for a solution and found Dr. Arnold. Not long After my physical therapy begin with Melissa I started to hurt again. Like a wise friend she reminded me to breath and look at the stress in my life. That it could also be blocking my healing and holding pain and tension in my body. Most doctors I had seen wanted to put me on pain meds or talk about surgery, not about healing. To me she was a real doctor. Someone who cares about helping and truly healing people. Her attention to the whole body that is given is amazing and what this world needs more of. It has been 7months now with my neck has not locked up. With her adjustments and PT I am back to riding my dirt bike and living life with full movement. ( Remembering to breath ) My family and I are so grateful to have found her. Thank you so much Melissa.”

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