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What’s the Best Treatment for Carpal Tunnel?

What’s the Best Treatment for Carpal Tunnel?

We all have different roles we play in society, roles that allow us to contribute our part to the turning of the world. Some people’s roles require them to lift heavy objects, other people sit at desks for long hours. Regardless of how we choose to make a living, it is important to understand that repetitive actions, no matter how seemingly simple, can cause lasting effects if done consistently and without proper precautions. For example, typing at a computer may seem very simple; however constant typing without proper care for the wrist or finger joints can result in carpal tunnel syndrome. And what’s the best treatment for carpal tunnel? At Total Wellness Solutions, we can show you how working with a qualified chiropractor can save you from discomfort in the years to come. 

What is Carpal Tunnel 

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway on the palm side of the hand, where the median nerve passes through. Anything that narrows that corridor or that tunnel, and causes the median nerve to be compressed can result in carpal tunnel syndrome. For example, a wrist sprain or fracture can reshape the tiny space and significantly narrow the passageway. If the tunnel is narrowed and the median nerve is compressed or pinched it will result in painful symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Inflammation or swelling can also press on the nerve, causing painful symptoms.   

When you work with a qualified chiropractor, they will ask you questions and do examinations to get a better understanding of what may be causing the pain. Once they have an idea of what may be compressing the median nerve, they can create an appropriate treatment plan to help you function and work without constant pain. 

What are the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel 

Compression or pinching of the median nerve can cause painful tingling or numbing of the hand and the arm. The median nerve travels through the carpal tunnel, and if the pathway constricts the nerve it can result in some of the following symptoms. 

  • Tingling 
    • Usually the thumb and index finger, but not the pinky. 
  • Numbing 
    • From the wrist and travel up to the arm 
    • Usually whenever you try to grasp or grab something. 
  • Weakness 
    • May cause you to drop objects
  • Less strength and coordination 
    •  You may even be unable to use your thumb to pinch 

Risk Factors of Carpal Tunnel 

Risk factors are anything that makes developing carpal tunnel more likely. Risk factors for carpal tunnel are anything that alters the space of the tiny passageway, thus making it smaller and more probable that the median nerve will be compressed. 

  • Wrist fractures 
  • Dislocation 
  • Sex (woman typically have smaller wrist) 
  • Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis,which are categorized by inflammation and swelling 
  • Obesity 
  • Workplace factors (work that requires repetitive wrist motion)  

How to Care for Carpal Tunnel at Home

Chiropractic care can be very effective at treating carpal tunnel syndrome because it treats the source of the problem, and attempts to directly relieve pressure from nerves through a combination of adjustments and massage therapy. However, if you still have not made up your mind, here are some simple ways you can manage carpal tunnel syndrome at home. 

  • Splint the wrist 
    • Splinting the wrist can help with stabilization. 
    • It also helps to keep the wrist straight, reducing pressure on the nerve. 
    • Best if worn while doing repetitive tasks. It can reduce pressure off the nerve and prevent flares up after constant use.    
  • Stretching Exercises 
    • Using a tennis ball or stress ball and squeeze regularly 
    • Clenched fist 
    • Prayer position 
  • Yoga

Chiropractic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel & Total Wellness Solutions 

At Total Wellness Solutions, we believe chiropractic care is the foundation of health care. It focuses on the health of the spine and the joints of the body to make sure the nerves can communicate and transmit signals throughout the body without difficulty. Chiropractic adjustments realign bones and vertebrae to ensure they are not compressing the nerves that pass through them. 

Massage Therapy can ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome by reducing inflammation and numbness. The chiropractor might decide to adjust the bones in the wrist and apply a massage to the specific area to greatly reduce discomfort. At Total Wellness Solutions, we offer various types of massage to help our patients heal, and the doctor will explain which type would be best for you. Some types we offer are: 

  • Swedish Massage 
  • Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular
  • Massage Myofascial Release 
  • Massage Athletic/Sports 
  • Massage Medical Massage
  • Energetic Healing Massage

Contact Us 

It is important to understand that working with the right professional can have a major impact on your quality of life. Pain is not something you have to accept as a byproduct of your employment. At Total Wellness Solutions, we will work with you to help you fully understand why you may be experiencing discomfort. If you are still unsure of what’s the best treatment for carpal tunnel, set up a consultation and we will be happy to explain in more detail. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 770-936-9707 or make an appointment online


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