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Why Am I Sore After Chiropractic Adjustment?     

Why Am I Sore After Chiropractic Adjustment?

It is highly recommended that everyone visit a chiropractor as part of their wellness care routine. Chiropractic care and regular adjustments are extremely beneficial whether you are a professional athlete, an auto accident victim, or a computer worker. The adjustments can help relieve a lot of pain and allow for better communication between the brain and the organs by relieving pressure off the nerves. If you’ve ever seen a chiropractor or had an adjustment, you may have left wondering, “why am I sore after chiropractic adjustment?” At Total Wellness Solutions, we can help you understand what is going on with your body as well as why you might feel the way you do after an adjustment. 

The Purpose of a Chiropractic Adjustment 

The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to realign the spine in its proper position so the nerves can freely communicate without any interference. This allows the brain to efficiently communicate with different organ groups throughout the body without complications, interference, or delay. For example,  Zone Two, or the eliminative zone is responsible for eliminating toxins in the body and regulating organs like the sinuses, lungs, kidney, bladder, and colon. Subluxations in zone two can cause those organs to function at less than their optimal levels, resulting in inefficient waste disposal that can cause the body to be more susceptible to disease, sickness, and other issues. A chiropractic adjustment keeps that pathway clear so the communication between the brain, spinal cord, and organs are unencumbered and free.  

Proper spinal alignment also allows the joints to perform at their optimal levels without burdening the muscles around them. If the spinal column, hips, or knees are not in their proper position, then the muscles around them will try to make up for the shift by either extending or shortening in an attempt to stabilize the area. Chiropractic adjustments move the vertebrae back to their correct positions so the muscles are not overextended or compressed. This will also help to prevent pain from built-up muscle tension. 

Some of the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments include: 

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome or sciatica 
  • Improved athletic performance
  • High blood pressure 
  • Headache relief 
  • Treatment for knee pain 

What Happens to the Muscles

If the bones in the spinal column are misaligned for any length of time, then the muscles around them may shift their position to support the movement in an attempt to stabilize the area. When the muscles begin acting as support for the spine, it causes them to be pulled or shortened in an unnatural position for a sustained period of time. Oftentimes this can lead to a lot of discomfort and pain. When the chiropractor adjusts the area, they gently force the spine back to its original position and cause the muscles to move back to their proper positions. The moving of the muscles can lead to some tenderness or soreness in the adjusted area and is similar to the soreness you might experience after an intense workout session. It’s important to remember that the soreness you may experience is from the muscles being moved and not from the joints being adjusted. 

Total Wellness Solutions and Chiropractic Adjustments

Total Wellness Solution is a family-centered facility in Sandy Spring, Ga that takes time to understand the reason for your visits, so we can help you achieve the most results in the shortest possible time frame. We focus on the zone technique, which states that every complication in the body can be attributed to one of the six zones. We will then adjust the zone that corresponds to your list of presented symptoms to help you find the most relief without using medication or invasive measures. We are a drug-free non-invasive treatment facility that uses holistic treatments to help you improve from your discomfort or pain. When you visit our office, we will perform chiropractic adjustments as needed and provide you with relevant information on ways you can improve your overall health between adjustments.  

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A chiropractic adjustment is a gentle procedure that chiropractors use to align the joints in their correct position. The adjustments are harmless and they unburden the nerves so they can perform their essential functions without interference. Just remember, soreness after a chiropractic adjustment is normal and is the result of the muscles being moved and not the joints being adjusted. It is often advised to drink plenty of water after an adjustment and expect some slight soreness afterward. At Total Wellness Solutions, we want nothing more than for you to leave the clinic feeling much better than when you arrived. If you have any questions or are still wondering “why am I sore after chiropractic adjustment”, please give us a call at 770-936-9707 or make an appointment online for a consultation. We are located at 5252 Roswell Rd NE Suite 103, Atlanta, GA 30342. 


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